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Team Lead, Electronics Design Division


Job Summary

    1. Good understanding of power electronics & automotive vehicle architecture and electronic design. 2. Good understanding of automotive communications such as CAN, LIN, SPI, UART, I2C, GPIO etc.. 3. Experience in Timing Analysis/ Power Analysis/ Thermal Analysis 4. Experience on analog and digital circuit design :The analog circuits will include power (DC to DC), discrete I/O, preamps, amplifiers, filters, A/D conversion, and sensor signal conditioning circuits. The digital circuits will include multiplexers, FPGAs, PLDs, microcontrollers etc. 5. Excellent programming skills in microcontroller 6. Experience in hardware design, simulation & management tools 7. Test support, including writing test procedure, test reports, and designing test fixtures. 8. Strong problem solving techniques and analytical thinking 9. Provide technical support to BMS, Motor, Controller and vehicle integration teams Responsibilities 1. Responsible for leading complete product design for smart vehicle electronics. 2. Lead all development aspects of the product development to achieve on time delivery of the product designs. 3. Provide technical support for project plans 4. Estimate budget for new hardware designs in terms of resource and tools 5. Assist in defining detailed design implementations and test plans. 6. Lead team performance and motivate team members to exceptional results.


  • Location: Gurgaon(Manesar)
  • Job Title: Team Lead, Electronics Design Division
  • Designation: Team Lead
  • Salary: 15 LPA
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