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Associate Director/Director, Technology


Job Summary

    Challenge : To develop a smart vehicle solutionquickly. a. Data captured from sensors like gps/accelerometer/gyroscope/thermometer etc. need to be uploaded on cloud. b. User riding behaviour will be analysed and patterns will be found by running data analytics. A self-learning system based on AI will help in predicting best usage of vehicle. c. Data will be analysed for proactive fault detection in two wheeler which will help in predicting a fault beforehand. d. User will be updated through mobile app about his scooters health and riding behaviour. e. Two wheeler will be personalised through mobile app. Requirements/JD a. Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Engineering from Premium Institutes b. Capability to Design and Code a complete product from scratch c. 5-10 years of Experience in preferably any open stack like LAMP/MEAN/DJANGO d. Comfortable with full-stack projects and able to build a minimum working product quickly e. Expert level understanding of in server architectures, database designing, web services and distributed systems f. Expert level understanding of multiple frameworks - MVC, MVVM, Middleware, Event and OOPS concept g. Capability to build and nurture software division of a startup


  • Location: Gurgaon(Manesar)
  • Job Title: Associate Director/Director, Technology
  • Designation: Associate Director
  • Salary: 3LPA - 7 LPA
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