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Back office Process Associate

    Good Communication skills, Adaptive, Focused

Job Summary

    The work involves looking at medical documents being faxed to our computers and identifying them by their types with correct patient details. As one can imagine Accuracy is a critical requirement. The work is completely backend and needs accuracy and focus as key skills. To summarize, the key skills one needs are Being observant and focused since the the work involves identifying medical documents based on given training Freshers are welcome Other Facilities : 

    1. Both Side Cab 
    2. Meal Other Benefits 
    3. Fixed Performance Bonus Note 
    4. One Year Bond is mandatory


  • Location: Gurgaon - Near Dronacharya Metro Station
  • Job Title: Back office Process Associate
  • Designation: Process Associate
  • Salary: 2.0 - 2.52
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